About Us

DEVELOPMENT LIKE CLOCKWORK.  Formed in 2011, Tic Toc Games is all about precision game-making – a highly crafted team of specialized components working in harmony inside our state-of-the-art, brushed-steel case in Burbank. However, we don’t need winding and you won’t need one of those crazy-looking magnifying monocle things to see how we do it.

WE LOVE GAMES.  We love making them. We love playing them. We also love working with partners in complete transparency, teaming up to create something truly special – hand-crafted games for discerning gamers.

Tic Toc Games is a full-service developer, with a seasoned staff of artists, designers, programmers, and production managers, all of whom have shipped award-winning interactive products. Our methods are battle-tested, reliable, waterproof to a depth of over 100 meters, and we just keep on ticking no matter what you throw at us.

OUR MISSION STATEMENTProviding the world with ADDICTING entertainment using INNOVATIONS in technology, compelling STORIES and engaging SOCIAL hooks

OUR VISIONEach game production has fun as its foundation, presented with the highest visual standards of art and animation, and featuring engaging play mechanics that compel the player to: 1) love the game while they are playing, 2) think about the game when they are not playing, 3) share their enthusiasm with their friends, 4) and return to play again and again.