Adventures of Pip

Our newest game here at Tic Toc Studios:


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Adventures of Pip is the story of Pip, a single pixel with the power to absorb the pixels of fallen enemies and evolve into a powerful hero!

Follow Pip as he stomps, slashes, and dashes towards the Dark Queen on his quest to recover the kingdom’s stolen pixels. Enjoy classic side-scrolling gameplay and a unique system of leveling and abilities.


When the evil queen of a neighboring land swoops in and steals the kingdom’s most precious resource–its pixels–all the villagers, guards, and even nobles are reduced to single-pixel life forms, the lowest rung on the social ladder. With their power sapped and their hopes vanquished, it’s up to one unlikely little hero to save the day. That hero is Pip!

Pip must journey through regions far and wide to reach the Dark Queen’s stronghold. Through forests, swamps, caves–Pip has to fight through hordes of her demonic army to get closer to the Queen herself! Along the way, he gains experience from the pixels of his fallen enemies, growing into the hero his kingdom needs in the battle against the Dark Queen.
But what he finds when he finally meets her face-to-face might not be what he was bargaining for…


 The player takes control of Pip–and the destiny of the entire kingdom!

Explore lush green forests, marshy swamps, and vast, echoing caves on your quest to track down the Dark Queen. Overcome the many enemies and obstacles she has thrown in your path, and learn and grow by collecting pixels (like experience points) from the enemies you have slain. The more pixels you acquire, the more you level up and evolve into a higher-resolution Pip. Evolving grants you some sweet new abilities too–wielding weapons, dash, double jump, powerful combo attacks, and more!

Each environment features a unique set of enemies to take down and new obstacles which can only be overcome with your evolved skills!

We are now live on Kickstarter! Please head on over to the link below to start pledging:


Check out some screenshots and trailer below:

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