WE MAKE FUN. Tic Toc provides soup-to-nuts development services for games and apps for iOS, Android, and social platforms, from our state-of-the-art studio in Burbank, California. 

Incidentally, we have no idea what “soup-to-nuts” actually means, but we do have a seasoned staff of artists, designers, programmers, and managers; all of whom have shipped award-winning interactive products and all of whom like soup (a lot) and are a bit nuts themselves, truth be told.

BRANDED GAMES. We know big Hollywood studios and we know big brands. We’ve worked with the really, REALLY big ones. Individually and as a team, Tic Toc has experience developing games based on world-renowned properties from Sony, Disney, Nickelodeon, Lucasfilm, and more, treating these beloved characters with the utmost care. We thrive under that kind of pressure. Ask around. We have proudly built a reputation of reliability, professionalism, and unbridled creativity.     

NO BRAND? NO PROBLEM. We also know how to create brands from the ground up, or simply make great games with no brand at all. We know that the heart of every great game is a truly fun experience. Creating that fun is at the core of everything we make.



          TOP QUALITY.

               TIC TOC DELIVERS THE FUN LIKE CLOCKWORK.   (see what we did there?)